The TriScape100 is designed with situational and change monitoring applications in mind. The combination of an advanced sensor, high performance optical front-end  and onboard processing options unlock multiple opportunities for 3U and 6U CubeSats.

Designed to see more, frequently.

The TriScape100 is offering near real-time change monitoring at an exceptional resolution in a CubeSat form factor. This imager design is based on a 12.6-megapixel CMOS image sensor with integrated Red Green Blue (RGB) Bayer filter in the visible spectral range. The TriScape100 provides snapshot imaging with a frame rate of up to 180 fps to accommodate high definition video. 

4.75 m GSD

at 500 km orbit height

19.4 km swath

at 500 km orbit height

400 – 670 nm

spectral range 

12.6 MPixels

HD resolution

1.5U CubeSat


RGB Video


Download the TriScape100 datasheet here:

TriScape100 Product Specifications

Focal Length 580 mm ±1 mm
Aperture Diameter 95 mm
Full Field of View 2.22° (across track)
Configuration Snapshot, Video
Sensor Technology CMOS
Effective Pixels 4096 x 3072 pixels
Pixel Size 5.5 μm
Pixel Depth 10-bit
Spectral Filter RGB Bayer Filter
NIR Blocking Filter 670 nm Cut-off
Maximum Frame Rate 180 fps
Transmittance 61% (at 550 nm) (1)
Storage Capacity 128 Gigabyte NAND Flash
Maximum Image Frames 8700 frames
Image Processing Binning Thumbnails
Image Compression CCSDS 122.0 Lossy and Lossless (Optional)
Video H.264 1080p30 (Optional)
Control Interface I2C or SPI CAN 2.0-B, RS-422 (Optional)
Data Interface LVDS SpaceWire (Optional)
Power Supply 5 V DC
Power Consumption < 6W (During imaging mode)
Mass 1.1 kg
Dimensions 98 x 98 x 176 mm
Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C
Radiation (TID) > 15 krad

(1) Optics including NIR filter

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