More Resolution. Smaller Satellite.

Simera Sense is on a mission to increase the detail that can be sensed with smaller satellites. We produce end-to-end optical payload solutions that solve our customers' earth observation challenges.


A new standard for remote sensing.

Simera Sense is introducing the highest earth observation performance in the most compact form factor for nanosatellites. The xScape100 is shifting boundaries with an unprecedented leap in optical front-end and sensor technologies. The large aperture diameter and long focal length within a compact form factor enable a compelling spatial resolution for 3U and 6U Cubesats.

Less than

4.75 m

GSD at 500 km orbit height

More than

19.0 km

Swath at 500 km orbit height

Fits in a


Cubesat volume


Bayer Pattern






The TriScape100 offers near real-time earth observation with HD-video capabilities in the visible spectrum at an exceptional resolution. 

MultiScape100 CIS

The digital TDI enabled MultiScape100 CIS brings more pixel depth in seven spectral bands to enable a whole new range of earth observation applications.


The HyperScape100 covers the visible and near-IR spectral range in up to 32 spectral bands at an unparalleled spatial resolution.


More resolution. More performance.
More earth observation.

The xScape200 is an optical payload engineered for exceptional spatial resolution to bring earth observation applications to life. This imager elevates optical payload performance for microsatellites to a whole new level. All elements that define a remote sensing payload –  optical front-end, sensor, control and processing power, structure, robustness and calibration – were rethought and reengineered.

Up to

1.50 m

GSD at 500 km orbit height

Up to

65 Mpixel

Spatial resolution

Up to


in the VNIR range

Covering the


Spectral range

More than

14.0 km

Swath at 500 km orbit height

Fits in a


Cubesat volume


The TriScape200 captures high definition video or single frames in Red, Green and Blue, width onboard image processing capabilities for advanced change monitoring applications.


The MultiScape200 supports continual line scanning imaging in up to 7 bands across the VNIR spectral range with digital TDI capabilities for a wide range of remote sensing applications.