Simera Sense and Space Inventor to collaborate on offering earth observation payloads.

Cape Town (South Africa), 13 November 2019 – Today Simera Sense and Space Inventor announced that they would collaborate through marketing Simera Sense’s optical payloads, enabling earth observation satellite operators to sense the earth in more detail with smaller satellites from reliable platforms.

As part of the agreement, Space Inventor will offer its clients Simera Sense’s range of optical payloads as part of its portfolio of products.

The cooperation between Simera Sense and Space Inventor provide satellite operators access to the best of both worlds, high-performance optical payloads in a small form factor and reliable CubeSat platforms in an extremely short “time-to-orbit”. Together, Simera Sense and Space Inventor are positioned to address the earth observation needs for the NewSpace industry through its tailored end-to-end performance, quick design iterations and short lead times.

Space Inventor’s versatile onboard computing platform and optical gigabit downlink capabilities will add a new dimension to earth observation, eliminating the inefficiencies associated with many CubeSat earth observation missions.

Simera Sense’s xScape100 and xScape200 product ranges are setting a new standard for remote sensing. The large aperture diameter and long focal length in a compact form factor enable a compelling spatial resolution for CubeSats. 

“At Simera Sense we are expanding into new geographical markets with local support,” says Johann du Toit, CEO of Simera Sense. “We are excited in partnering with a company with the experience and commitment to excellence as offered by Space Inventor. Working with Space Inventor will not only increase our global reach but will also enable us to provide cost-effective end-to-end solutions to our customers and make earth observation data more accessible to every person on earth.”

“We are very pleased to partner with Simera Sense, who as a pioneer in optical payloads is an obvious choice as a supplier to strengthen our product range,” says Jacob M. Nissen, Chief Sales Officer at Space Inventor. “At Space Inventor, we offer our customers some of the most innovative nanosatellite solutions on the market, and through our partnership with Simera Sense, we will be able to provide turn-key earth observation platforms with top-of-the-class optical payloads”.

About Simera Sense

Simera Sense is a world leader in the development of optical payloads for nano-, micro-, and small satellites. As part of the Simera Group, Simera Sense does have a shared history with South Africa’s small satellite industry and access to centuries of collective experience in the space industry. The company’s in-house resources and infrastructure allows them to design, build, verify and calibrate world-class optical payloads. Simera Sense is situated in Somerset West, South Africa.

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About Space Inventor

Space Inventor ApS, of Aalborg, Denmark, was founded in 2015. Space Inventor has focused on designing, building and testing a variety of avionics products in order to meet the need for professional, industrialized nanosatellites that meet a minimum of a five-year life span. Space Inventor uses a modular approach that allows for components to be interchangeable between micro- and nanosatellites. Space Inventor understands the need for customization when developing individual missions; therefore, they also provide engineering services for custom development and mission design. Space Inventor strives to provide fast solutions with the highest quality and performance to meet each client’s mission needs

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