Simera Sense and Sen to collaborate on real-time video streaming from space.

Cape Town (South Africa), 14 October 2019 – Simera Sense is excited to announce that it signed an agreement with Sen Corporation Ltd (“Sen”) to supply them with five xScape200 optical payloads over the next two years. In the frame of this agreement, the xScape200 imager, developed by Simera Sense, will be Sen’s primary high-resolution optical imager for its CubeSats that will stream real-time and timely video of Earth. The satellites are part of Sen’s vision to democratize space using video to inform, educate, inspire and benefit all humanity.

Simera Sense, the manufacturer of high-resolution optical payloads for CubeSats, was selected by Sen to provide high-resolution optical payloads with the capability to deliver real-time videos from space at a ground spatial distance (GSD) of 1.8 m from a 600km orbital height. With its 1,067mm focal length, 190mm aperture and a form factor to fit in a 12U CubeSat, the xScape200 elevate the optical performance to a whole new level.

Sen aims to launch its first CubeSat, carrying the xScape200 imaging payload, by the end of 2020. They will follow-up this mission with an additional four CubeSats as it deploys a constellation that will deliver real-time and timely video of environmental and humanitarian events on Earth. This will enable organisations and consumers to see unique perspectives of life on our ever-changing planet from environmental and socio-economic events to the monitoring of human movement.

Simera Sense’s xScape200 optical payload will be combined with Sen’s video streaming technology which was demonstrated successfully this year with a multi-camera system streaming 4K Ultra High Definition video from orbit. .

“At Simera Sense we are on a mission to increase the resolution that can be sensed with smaller earth observation satellites,” says Johann du Toit, CEO of Simera Sense. “We are excited to work with Sen in making their dream a reality. Their mission aligns with our vision to serial produce optical payloads for nanosatellites in a cost-effective manner to make earth observation data more accessible to every person on earth.”

Charles Black, Founder and CEO of Sen, says: “We are delighted to be partnering with Simera Sense for our primary optical payload. Sen requires best in class technology and the xScape200 is the right balance between size, mass and optical performance. Put simply, the xScape200 punches above its weight. Simera Sense have a proven track record of designing and building imagers for space, and we are looking forward to working with them to make Sen’s space TV a reality.”

About Simera Sense

Simera Sense is a world leader in the development of optical payloads for nano-, micro-, and small satellites. As part of the Simera Group, Simera Sense does have a shared history with South Africa’s small satellite industry and access to centuries of collective experience in the space industry. The company’s in-house resources and infrastructure allows them to design, build, verify and calibrate world-class optical payloads. Simera Sense is situated in Somerset West, South Africa.

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About Simera Group

Simera Group is an evolution of Simera Technology Group, an engineering company established in South Africa in 2010. Simera Group possesses and mobilizes centuries of collective experience among our team members, skilled in the aerospace, precision optical, automotive, medical and consumer domains. We are an agile organisation with a bold and entrepreneurial ability to adapt to today’s rapid changes and the shifting economies. We are global in our mindset and our operational base and we continuously align ourselves with global best practices and new technologies.

We are an industry leading engineering, simulation and data management systems company, but at our core we are still a “people first” company. Over the years we have assembled an exceptional team with a simple mission: to achieve the remarkable. We are growing, but we remain true to our guiding principle to be lean, effective and outcome focused.

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About Sen

Sen was founded in 2014 by Charles Black with a vision to democratize space using video to inform, educate, inspire and benefit all humanity. Sen’s mission is to stream real-time videos from space to billions of people, providing unique perspectives of our ever-change world and future in space. Sen will capture its unique video content using both hosted video cameras and its own constellations of small satellites. Pronounced as a word rather than individual letters, Sen is an acronym for ‘space exploration network’. Sen is based in London, United Kingdom.

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