HyperScape50 Product

The HyperScape50 is designed to captured large areas of the globe in up to 32 bands at a GSD of 30 m. This compact but powerful product is ideal 3U to 6U Cubesats, making hyperspectral imaging affordable and effortless.

More spectrum, bringing power beyond its size.

The HyperScape50 enables a remarkable level of hyperspectral imaging at increased radiometric resolutions. It features the same imager electronics as the rest of the xScape product range, making it a reliable but compact workhorse for Cubesats. Moreover, with its 120 km swath, fewer satellites are required to capture the globe in more spectral detail, more frequently.

30 m

GSD at 500 km

120 km

swath at 500 km

14 - 26 nm




450 - 900nm

spectral range

32 Bands


HyperScape50 Product Specifications

Focal Length93.9 mm ±1 mm
Aperture11.75 mm
Full Field of View13.68° (across-track);
ConfigurationPush Broom
Sensor TechnologyCMOS Global Shutter
Resolution4096 pixels
Pixel Size5.5 µm
Pixel Depth12-bit
Spectral BandsUp to 32 bands user selectable, including:
- Hyperspectral bands with user selectable central wavelength in 1 nm steps
- Panchromatic band
Spectral RangeHyperspectral Bands: 442 nm to 884 nm
Panchromatic band: 500 nm - 750 nm
Spectral FWHM4% of Central Wavelength
On-Board Electronics
Storage Capacity128 Gigabyte EDAC protected NAND Flash
Image ProcessingBinning, Thumbnails
Image CompressionCCSDS 122.0-B-2 Lossy/Lossless (optional)
Control Interface OptionsI2C, SPI
SpaceWire (ECSS-E-ST-50-12C) (optional)
RS-422, RS-485 (optional)
Data Interface OptionsLVDS
SpaceWire (ECSS-E-ST-50-12C) (optional)
USART (optional)
Power Supply5.0 V DC ± 250mV
Power Consumption2.7 W when idle or during readout
7.0 W during imaging
Mass0.44 kg ± 5%
Dimensions95.9 x 90.2 x 117.5 mm
Operating Temperature-10 to +50 °C
Sun-facing durationSun can be within FFOV for up to 5 minutes
Radiation (TID)Fully functional up to at least 15 krad
Some degradation in Flash storage at higher doses