MultiScape200 CIS

 Designed to define new limits for Earth Observation. The MultiScape200 CIS features 9344 pixels in the across-track direction in up to 7 bands across the visible and near-IR spectral range. The digital TDI capabilities brings a whole new level of pixel depth to each image.

More Powerful. More resolution at its core.

The MultiScape200 CIS brings more in-depth insight with more spatial and spectral detail to each pixel. Engineered to fit in a 12U volume makes the MultiScape200 CIS ideal for any 16U or larger platform. Thanks to an advanced thermal design, satellite operators can use the MultiScape200 CIS over a wide temperature range, for longer.

1.50 m GSD

at 500 km orbit height

14.0 km swath

at 500 km orbit height

7 bands

in the VNIR spectrum

450 – 900 nm

spectral range

12U CubeSat


9344 pixels

in the cross-track

Download the MultiScape200 CIS datasheet here:

MultiScape200 CIS Product Specifications

Focal Length1067 mm ± 1 mm
Aperture190 mm
Full Field of View1.6° (across-track), 1.2° (along-track)
ConfigurationLine-scan (Push broom)
Sensor TechnologyCMOS
Resolution9344 Pixels
Pixel Size3.2 µm
Pixel Depth10-bit
Spectral Bands7 Bands
dTDI StagesUp to 32 per band
Line RateUp to 8000 Hz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio36 for Band 2 using 8 dTDI stages (1) (3)
Storage Capacity128 Gigabyte EDAC protected NAND Flash 
Continuous Strip LengthUp to 500 km (1) (2)
Image ProcessingBinning, Thumbnails
Image CompressionCCSDS 122.0-B-2 Lossy/Lossless (optional) (4)
Video ProcessingH.264 1080p30 (optional)
Control Interface OptionsI2C, SPI
SpaceWire (ECSS-E-ST-50-12C) (optional)
RS-422, RS-485 (optional)
CAN 2.0B (optional)
Data Interface OptionsLVDS
SpaceWire (ECSS-E-ST-50-12C) (optional)
USART (optional)
Physical Interface OptionsCSKB Compatible PC-104 connector
Wirable high-speed connector
Power Supply5 V DC ± 150mV
Power Consumption2.5 W when idle or during readout
5.8 W during imaging
Mass11.9 kg ± 2%
Dimensions200 x 200 x 304 mm
Operating Temperature-10°C to +50°C
Sun-Facing DurationSun can be in the FOV for up to 3 minutes
Radiation (TID) (5)Fully functional up to at least 15 krad. Some degradation in Flash storage at higher doses.

(1) Dependant on orbital height. Value calculated at 500 km orbital height. 

(2) Dependant on number of bands enabled 

(3) At 2.4 ms integration time. At aperture radiance function of 100/W.m -2.sr.-1·µm-1 

(4) https://public.ccsds.org/Pubs/122x0b2.pdf 

(5) Tested up to 25 krad, without shielding, using a 60Co source

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