Our Approach

We are on a mission to increase the resolution that can be sensed with smaller earth observation satellites.

At Simera Sense we produce optical payloads for space in a more cost-effective way than any company by using lean procedures while maintaining performance. Our approach allows us to respond quickly to customer needs and push the limits for optical payloads.

Our Team

The Simera Sense team thrives at the sweet spot where cutting-edge technology, old physics and creative people meet to create earth observation solutions.

We are a dynamic team of scientists, mechanical, hardware, firmware, electronic and optical engineers with a passion to develop complex systems that operates in extreme environments. Collectively we do have more than 200 years of experience developing satellite systems.

Our Heritage

New products developed with decades of knowledge, world class infrastructure and hands-on experience.

The Simera Group has a shared history with the South African small satellite industry and for the past 10 years designed, manufactured, assembled, integrated and tested optical payloads for local and international customers. We are proud of our employees that worked on all the major space related and satellite projects in South Africa over the last 30 years.

Our Group

Simera Sense is part of the the Simera Group of companies, a design-focused group specializing in engineering consultation and product development.

Simera Africa is the specialist engineering consultancy and bespoke product development arm of the group. This business unit’s expertise lies in advanced structural design, simulation and optimization, prototype production and testing.

Simera Innovate is a specialist Industry 4.0 technology application company. Our central focus is to innovate product design and production process, with headquarters in Switzerland.

Simera Innovate Saudi Arabia specializes in the design and implementation of scalable smart systems for product development and manufacture, enabling Saudi Arabian turnkey solutions and skills development.

Simera Sense produces optical payloads for space in a more cost-effective way than any company by tapping into the vast experience of all the business units within the Simera Group.  

Our Partners